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Welcome to Enter The Arm Dragon. This is the first full-length instructional on Ash Williams Online, and I am so happy to be sharing this with you.

You may know me for my arm drags, I mean I hit at least one in every competitive match I have, and it’s uniqueness is one of the many reasons why I am the current Polaris three title holder.

The arm drag was born from being a guard puller. I had to find a technique that would allow me the best of both worlds, the power of a big takedown with also the ability to pull and recover guard if I need to bail out.</p>

Please go through these lessons step by step and have a partner to drill them and I promise you that you’ll be hitting these in your gym and the competition mats in no time.</p>

And if you fancy throwing up some love on social media, send me your arm drag takedowns and use the hashtag #armdragon.


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byMiloslav Kurilla onEnter The Arm Dragon
Great instructional

Clear explenation, detail oriented instructional. I like thumb down grip details and also appreciate gi version. The structure is easy, devided to chapters, different angles shown. Very professional.

What struck me first was the layout and ease of access to each chapter of the instructional. There is a clear progress bar as you complete sections which is so much better than the 25hour + instructional formats used elsewhere.
Ash is a great person to learn off and all aspects are clearly explained with different angles shown at once.

Can't wait to be arm dragging in sparring as soon as possible and with this instructional it should be easy!

Top Notch Instructional

Ash's wealth of knowledge on this move is absolutely outstanding. When I'm back at the gym I'm going to be hitting everyone with this!